Marqesha Graham

Marqesha Graham

Family Law Paralegal

Enthusiasm, intelligence, and reliability. You will get all of these characteristics from Marqesha. Enthusiasm comes through in Marqesha’s interest in her clients and how she handles her clients’ cases. Marqesha’s intelligence shines through her legal research and writing. Her reliability is evident as you come to expect consistency with Marqesha’s communication and work product.

Family law cases often involve several unexpected twists and turns. Don’t worry about the unexpected as Marqesha is used to being flexible. She grew up in a military family, leading to her living in places like Panama, Greece, and Germany. Growing up in a military family, imparted a strong work ethic and desire to constantly learn. She confidently takes initiative by being both willing and able to complete any task. Above all else, Marqesha uses integrity and self-motivation to always do what is right for clients and prioritize their needs.


Outside of work, Marqesha enjoys making memories with her closest friends and family. These memories include spending time testing delicious local cuisines and Marqesha considers herself a huge foodie. She enjoys trading recipes and fine-tuning her cooking skills. While she cooks, there’s nothing better to Marqesha than catching up with her friends with some oldies in the background.