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    Phoenix, Arizona Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Lawyers

    If you are dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, or related family law services, getting help from a team of Phoenix family lawyers is important. Each attorney at Cantor Law Group has years of experience advocating for their clients throughout Arizona and across the nation. We are able to handle complex legal issues for people who come from all backgrounds. Our attorneys are dedicated to aggressive advocacy for our clients to try to secure the best possible outcomes in their cases. Every staff member at our firm is client-centered and puts your needs at the forefront while working closely with you to help you navigate the Arizona divorce process.

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    Founder, David Michael Cantor &
    Partner/Managing Family Law Attorney, Nicholas Boca

    When Knowledge & Experience Matters the Most!

    Unlike some other known law firms in Arizona that try to handle all practice areas, the Arizona divorce attorneys at Cantor Law Group are exclusively focused on family law. By focusing on this area of law, we are able to understand the types of issues that might arise and work to prevent them from negatively impacting our clients’ cases.

    Our  family law practice areas  include all aspects, including the following:

    When you meet with one of our Arizona family law attorneys, we will listen carefully and offer an honest evaluation of your legal issue. We will identify the strategies to deal with your spouse, that might help you to obtain your desired outcome. We can also help you understand related issues, such as the potential tax consequences of taking different types of assets in your property division during divorce cases. In many cases, we are able to negotiate settlements that fairly protect our clients, their children, and their interests. If a settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf in court through a trial.

    What to Look for in an Arizona Divorce Attorney & Arizona Family Law Attorney

    When you are going through a divorce or are embroiled in child custody, spousal support, child support, visitation rights dispute, or another family law issue, you might not know what to look for in a Phoenix divorce lawyer. You may have friends or family members who suggest that you go to the lawyer that they used for other types of issues, such as writing their wills, handling contract matters, or other related problems. When you are trying to find an Arizona divorce lawyer, the sheer number of law firms and attorneys can seem overwhelming. This can make it hard to understand what you should look for when you are searching for a divorce and family law attorney to handle your case.

    You should avoid hiring an attorney who does not regularly practice in the area of family law. An attorney who is experienced in another area of the law, such as estate planning or personal injury, might not be as knowledgeable about the family law services or the divorce process even though he or she may be highly successful in his or her own practice area. During your free child custody consultation, our Phoenix family law attorneys will help you, the parent, understand what to expect from the court, the child custody issues, and the child support process, and work to protect the best interest of your child. There are several things that you should look for when you are searching for a family law firm, including the following:

    • Experience of the attorneys
    • Whether they focus exclusively on family law and divorce
    • Their past successes
    • Whether they are willing to litigate cases through trials if necessary
    • Whether they actively listen to you and provide you with knowledgeable advice
    • Their communication styles
    • Their reputations in the community

    Experience & Reputation From our Phoenix Divorce Attorneys

    You can check the reputation of the attorney and law firm that you are considering with the State Bar of Arizona and review sites such as our  Avvo 10.0 Rating, Martindale-HubbelSuper LawyersLawyers.com, and others. Try to find a Phoenix area attorney who has achieved recognition for the quality of his or her representation. When you meet with a child custody attorney or divorce attorney for a consultation, be prepared to ask him or her a number of questions to ask an attorney so that you can evaluate his or her communication ability, knowledge, and whether you feel that you can trust him or her in a court action against your spouse.

    Choosing the right Phoenix family law attorney, for you is important. It can be difficult to determine the best divorce lawyers in Phoenix. We understand as a parent how important the best interest of your child is when choosing child custody attorneys and Arizona divorce experts to deal with family law issues or other family law matter. When you have a family law issue, you should be prepared to work together with the lawyer and law firm that you choose for a lengthy period of time before it is resolved. You will want to choose an attorney for your divorce law case who you trust to handle your case effectively and professionally. Arizona families rely on our AZ divorce attorneys to support them in understanding separation or divorce.


    How can an Arizona Family Law & Phoenix Divorce Attorney Help?

    Some people choose to file their petitions for divorce, legal separation, child custody, or child support on their own. While you are allowed to file child support, divorce, and other family law cases on your own, it is generally a better idea to work with an experienced Phoenix, Arizona, child custody lawyer or divorce lawyer. The AZ family law lawyers at Cantor Law Group have years of experience representing people in Arizona in a wide variety of Family Law service matters in court. We have the legal knowledge that is necessary to successfully navigate through the court system, Arizona Statutes, and the law to obtain good outcomes for our clients.

    Family Law services and laws change all of the time. Beyond the state’s statutory family law code, new Arizona cases from the Arizona Court of Appeals and Arizona Supreme Court impact the law. Because of these changes, our Phoenix family attorneys keep current with all of the adjustments in the law so that we can better represent our clients in court. Our child custody lawyers are also able to explain how the court process (including divorce papers) works so that you are able to understand what you might expect at each stage of your case, even in an uncontested divorce.

    Protecting you and your interests

    When you work with our Phoenix lawyers at Cantor Law Group, you will have an advocate who is dedicated to protecting you and your interests through any family law process, including adoption and the adoption process, visitation, paternity, child custody cases, and help you deal with family relationships and your marriage ending. We are skilled at negotiation and at litigation and can represent you in the manner that your case dictates. In many cases, we are able to reach fair settlements for our clients short of trial, which can include joint custody for a parent, with that person being the custodial parent. In others, we aggressively litigate on behalf of our clients at trials, fighting for sole custody of your child. We understand the types of evidence that may be needed to support your case and can present them to the judge in a manner that clearly demonstrates your side of the family issue with which you are dealing. Hiring expert Arizona family lawyers today is important to ensure you understand your rights and receive excellent advice from a Cantor Law Group Phoenix family lawyer.

    What Separates a Cantor Law Group Phoenix Divorce Lawyer From Other Phoenix Family Law Firm

    The Phoenix attorneys at Cantor Law Group have earned a well-deserved reputation as top divorce and Arizona family lawyers among their peers in the legal community, their clients, and the public. Our legal team is led by Phoenix Arizona native & attorney,  David Michael Cantor , whose jury trials have appeared on local and national media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, KTAR, and KFYI Radio. The attorneys at the firm have earned numerous awards. Mr. Cantor has earned a rating of AV-Preeminent from  Martindale Hubbel , which is the highest peer-reviewed rating that can be awarded to attorneys from the organization. He is also a lifetime charter member of the Best Attorneys of America and has received numerous other awards in recognition of his dedication to his clients and his many successes.

    Our lawyers have earned the respect of other attorneys and of judges throughout Arizona because of our professionalism, integrity, honesty, and skillful representation of our clients. We approach our clients as partners in obtaining the best possible outcomes for them and work closely together with all of our clients to help them to resolve their divorce and family law issues. When you choose our child custody or divorce lawyers, you will have a representative who will aggressively advocate for you throughout your case and who will keep you informed at all times.

    Family law issues can be difficult for most people to handle. Whether you are going through a divorce process, legal separation, child support, domestic violence, or have encountered a different family law issue, getting help from an experienced and successful family law attorney can make the difference. An AZ family law lawyer can help you to step back from the emotional conflict and to understand how to approach your case in a way that might provide you with the most favorable results. The divorce lawyers at Cantor Law Group have years of experience and have won numerous trials on behalf of our clients, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights no matter what they might be facing.

    Contact our AZ family lawyers today by calling  602.254.8880  to learn more about your case. You can also schedule a  free, confidential consultation  by filling out our online contact form below to speak with a Phoenix child custody lawyer, divorce lawyer, or family lawyer.  A Cantor Law Group lawyer for family law can help you with your case with their extensive legal experience. Our experienced attorneys will work hard for your case.

    What Our Clients Say

    Hopper's Helpful Automotive
    Hopper's Helpful Automotive
    September 6, 2023
    My advice if you are facing divorce, if at all possible attempt to go the mediation route first. However, should you need a family law attorney Caleb McKay & his paralegal Jamie are an excellent team. Prior to hiring a law firm, I poured over dozens of reviews, completed multiple “free consultations”, and did hours of research, terrified of making the wrong decision. I never made it to the point of even needing a consultation from Cantor. I initially spoke to Mr. Boca for over 1.5 hrs on a Friday afternoon. At the end of the conversation he stated we could schedule a consultation. I expressed there was no need, he had already answered all of my questions & I wanted to move forward. Caleb was assigned to my case & always did an excellent job answering any questions I had, and trust me, there were plenty. I went through a marathon divorce no thanks to my ex & her lawyer. Caleb excels at making sure you are 110% prepared before you ever step foot in front of a judge or mediator. Divorce is not an enjoyable process, and it’s filled with conversations that are not easy to have. At the end of the day I’m confident I made the right choice in hiring Cantor Law Group.
    Harper Rose
    Harper Rose
    September 6, 2023
    To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to highly recommend Amanda Szpakowski of the Cantor Law Group as an exceptional family law attorney. I have had the privilege of working with Amanda during a challenging, lengthy legal matter, and I can confidently attest to her remarkable qualities and unwavering dedication. Amanda's thoughtfulness, deliberation, and thoroughness set her apart in her field. She approaches every case with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in her pursuit of the best possible outcome for her clients. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in family law make her an invaluable guide, capable of providing informed and insightful advice at every stage of the legal process. One of Amanda's most remarkable attributes is her relentless commitment to her clients' causes. She approaches each case with a tenacity that is truly unparalleled. She is driven by a determination to achieve the best results for her clients. Her ability to seize opportunities and advocate aggressively for her clients' interests is truly commendable. Amanda's work ethic is nothing short of admirable. She is known for her tireless dedication to her cases, often going above and beyond to ensure that every avenue is explored and every angle considered. Her professionalism and realism in assessing legal situations are qualities that inspire confidence and trust in her clients. In my experience, Amanda has demonstrated an amazing ability to navigate complex legal matters with grace and expertise. Regardless of what the outcome of my case could have been, I am certain that my endorsement of Amanda's exceptional skills and qualities would remain unchanged. Her commitment to her clients and her unwavering pursuit of justice make her a standout in her field. It is without hesitation that I recommend Amanda Szpakowski as a family law attorney. Her qualities of thoughtfulness, dedication, thoroughness, and professionalism make her a formidable advocate and a true asset to her clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Amanda and would wholeheartedly entrust her with any legal matter. Respectfully, -Harper Rose
    Tabetha Sanders
    Tabetha Sanders
    August 18, 2023
    My fiance was going through custody issues with his ex-wife and it can take a toll on any parent involved. However, having Caleb McKay as our attorney during this time of our lives helped make the situation and the stress bearable. Caleb, and his paralegal Jamie Roser, are very knowledgeable and give great legal advice when it is needed. They were also very supportive and at times were a shoulder we did not realize was needed throughout the process. In the event that other people find themselves in a situation where they need a divorce or family lawyer, I would suggest requesting Caleb McKay.
    Charles Eckert
    Charles Eckert
    August 7, 2023
    I had an excellent experience with my attorney, Greg, during my divorce proceedings. He truly made the whole process go smoothly, and I couldn't be more grateful for his support. Greg was always attentive whenever I needed something, promptly addressing any concerns or questions that arose. Even if he didn't have an immediate answer, he would diligently find the information and get back to me within 24 hours or less. His responsiveness and dedication were truly commendable, providing me with peace of mind throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Greg to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient divorce attorney. His expertise and caring nature truly made a difference in my case.
    Dee williamson
    Dee williamson
    July 29, 2023
    Just wanted to stop and leave a review for Andrea Banks. She is hands down amazing. So amazing that when she switched law firms I followed and glad I did. From the time I became her client she was nothing but helpful and compassionate about my situation. I was super nervous at first and she gave me my voice during my divorce process. I could write a book about this amazing attorney. But I'll just say if you hire her you will not regret it you'll be in GOOD HANDS!!!
    Cassidee Horne
    Cassidee Horne
    June 29, 2023
    I had the pleasure of working with Rebekah during my case for custody for my daughter. Rebekah was wonderful to work with as well as her assistant. They were quick to respond and very professional. Not only did Rebekah succeed in winning my case, but she also superseded anything I was expecting to receive during the case. I am so thankful for her hard work and dedication to my case. Highly recommend her if you are seeking a professional, pleasant and efficient attorney for your family law case.
    Luca Rubino
    Luca Rubino
    May 26, 2023
    Caleb and Jamie and the rest of the staff are amazing. I was in need of a divorce practice that would help me with getting out of a disastrous marriage of verbal and emotional abuse by my ex wife. It wasn't easy because she would come up with her own policies and laws. But we all kept our cool, everything went very well and everyone was extremely nice and professional and i am very thankful and grateful to have them as my divorce attorneys because without them i would've been lost. Thanks guys for everything that you did for me.
    Elaine Woods
    Elaine Woods
    May 11, 2023
    I had an awesome experience! The reception area was extremely helpful and friendly. The attorney was great explaining my situation from a legal standpoint. He was young clean cut and quite knowledgeable. He did however, become redundant, but with good cause. He wanted to ensure we had full knowledge of the situation at hand. I really appreciated him regardless of my inability to secure cantor services due to financial restraints. Otherwise, great job canYou law group!

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