Justine Kim

Justine Kim


Justine Kim - Administrative Assistant

Originally from Wisconsin, Justine moved to Arizona when she was seven years old. She attended high school in Phoenix and graduated from Arizona State University, getting her Bachelor’s in English Literature.

After college, Justine taught English as a second language to young kids. This experience ignited her passion for helping people. Exploring that feeling further, she worked as a third-party administrator for a pension consulting firm, assisting clients in making sure their futures would be secure and gaining valuable office experience along the way.

With Cantor Law Group, she works as part of the Administration Team, providing support to the legal teams and making sure clients are being helped to the best of her ability. She loves the drive and motivation she feels in the office to do her very best each and every day.

In Justine’s free time she likes to make sure her friends and family are happy, laughing and well-fed. You can often find her at home, cuddling with her dog on the couch with a good book or playing video games with friends. When she feels like venturing outside, she’ll most likely be at the library or trying new restaurants.