Gloria Rodriguez

Gloria Rodriguez

Family Law Senior Paralegal

Experience can be imparted, but is mostly gained over time; Gloria has both. Gloria has received specific training in the law, research, and writing. She also has over a decade of family law experience. She also has experience with estate planning and criminal law.

Family law and estate planning work in conjunction with each other. A divorce or custody determination may significantly impact your estate plan. Having knowledge in both areas helps Gloria understand and anticipate possible issues arising from each area.

Gloria loves working with clients on family law matters. That love comes from her ability to help clients during their most difficult time of their life. She takes immense pleasure in making sure that each client feels heard and their goals are properly understood.


In case you were wondering, Gloria grew up in Yuma, Arizona. She frequently returns to visit family that still live in the area.

Gloria loves spending time with her husband and two children. Her ideal weekend involves her staying home and watching television or movies with her family.