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The Merits and Demerits of Legal Practice

Pursuing a career as a lawyer has its own merits and demerits. It not only requires a huge financial investment, but it also requires a lot of time and commitment. To be able to embark on this path, one needs to be aware of all the merits and demerits of this field. Read on to know more about the top reasons why one should pursue education and career in the legal field, as well some of the drawbacks of a career in this profession.

Earning potential is Huge! – Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals, with salaries falling in the millions sometimes. Although not all lawyers will fall in that category, they do have a very high earning potential. Lawyers working with large law firms are particularly experienced as they gain years and years of knowledge in diverse areas of law over time.

Lawyers fall in the Elite circle of professionals – Being a lawyer is considered prestigious and carries a unique and glamorous image with it. Lawyers fall in the elite circle of professionals and gain respect from others, based on their success.

They are in a position to help others – Law is a profession which gives individuals the ability to help other individuals, or groups and even organizations. Just guiding someone in the right direction is enough sometimes for most clients. Some lawyers will perform pro-bono work to help low-income individuals or clients as well as help those who may have been a target of abuse, such as a child, an elderly, or a spouse.

Diverse practice areas – The legal profession has a range of niches, such as employment law, family law, real estate law, criminal law, civil litigation and more. Based on the interests and background of the individual pursuing legal studies, they can choose from any of the sub-specialties.

Apart from all these pros, lawyers also get a competitive and professional work environment which gives them even more opportunities to excel in their field. Moreover, the skills they gain in their professional career are transferable and can be applied in other walks of life as well. Lastly, the legal profession provides flexibility as well as a global influence to the individual, along with other perks.

Despite all these pros, the legal profession also has its cons. One of the biggest drawback of being a lawyer is that they have to be under huge stress most of the time. Lawyers often have to work long hours, which may give them job dissatisfaction, especially if they are not able to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life.

Moreover, since getting admitted into law school has a huge financial cost associated with it, most graduates have a soaring law school debt by the time they finish schooling. The competitive job market and peer pressure adds to the troubles. Staying up to date with the changing legal paradigms can be challenging in itself as well.

If you are considering a career in law, you must consider the above mentioned pros and cons as well as many others that are associated with them. Be sure to consult with your advisor, friends and family when making decisions related to your education and profession.

Author Bio:

Thanks to guest writer, Robert L. Bogen, the principal and owner of The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen, P.A. The firm is a Florida based “boutique” law firm with a heavy emphasis on all matters relating to family and divorce law, criminal defense, and appellate law.

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