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7 Tips for Any Parent This School Year

The school year is almost here again, and you know what that means: hectic trips to get folders and calculators, reorganizing your schedule to ensure the children get where they need to be every day, and cranky kids complaining at length about the moderate amount of schoolwork they’ll be dealing with over the next nine months.

Sounds stressful, sure, but lucky for you, thousands of parents go through this process year after year, and they’ve been doing so for a long, long time. Here are seven time-tested tips to prepare your family for the upcoming school year.

Pick Up the Essentials

Pencils, pens, folders, and notebooks. Make sure you get everything you need ahead of time. You won’t want to rush to Target at midnight for a graphing calculator the night before classes begin. Grab your school’s supply list, and get everything ahead of time.

Schedule Business

Make plans with your young scholars. Set aside time each evening for homework. A schedule will keep everyone on track, and if you’ve put a plan in place, your kids will know what to expect. Organizing business will demonstrate the importance of hard work to your kids and keep things predictable.

Schedule Fun

School is serious, but too much work makes people lose their footing. Don’t be overbearing. Make sure your schedule has time set aside every night for the family to have some fun. Nightly dinner, video game sessions, leisure reading routines, and outdoor activities will keep minds loose, happy, and sharp.

Take a Look at the Workload

If your children’s teachers are proactive enough to send out syllabuses ahead of time, take a look at them. If you know what the kids will be working on, you’ll be better equipped to help them out once they need you.

Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are a major danger on school campuses these days. Speak with your kids and warn them of the hazards associated with drugs and alcohol. Children may act too cool to hear their folks’ take on substance abuse, but deep down, they’ll be listening. Education makes a big impact.

Communicate With Your Spouse or Co-Parent

When it comes to parenting, communication is crucial. Both parents need to be on the same page. A coherent vision of your child’s well being will provide stability and focus.

For divorced or separated parents, this tip will be a little trickier. Nonetheless, parents will be more effective if they put aside their differences for the sake of the child. Charles R. Ullman & Associates reminds us good communication is the key to letting children see a healthy amount of both parents in the case of divorce.

Explore Extracurricular Activities

There are more things to a young person’s life than school. Some of those other things are better than others. If you and your children work together to put those extracurricular things together, your children are more likely to do good things. What would you prefer your kids to do: work, theater class, and sports? Or late nights at the movies with seedy older kids? Get involved.

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