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Four Keys to Hiring The Best Lawyer for Your Case

This is a Guest Blog Post from Scott Morgan, a Texas Divorce Attorney. Going through a divorce can be very difficult. Fortunately, things will go a lot smoother if you have a qualified lawyer who is working with you. Below are some tips for choosing a good divorce lawyer. If you would like to see a video on this topic…read more →

What is Termination of Parental Rights vs Legal Custody

David Cantor explains the Termination of Parental Rights versus Legal Custody in this short video: Domestic matters of child welfare and adoption can complicate and dictate parental rights and child custody. Termination of parental rights refers to “termination of care or control of child custody” that’s often complacent and later coupled with challenges to the ruling on legal custody. The…read more →

Can I Overturn a Decree of Dissolution in Arizona?

David Cantor explains how to overturn or appeal a Decree of Dissolution in Arizona:   A decree of dissolution may end a marriage, but it does not necessarily mean all the divorce-related issues are settled. If you have a dispute with a judge’s final ruling on such matters as monthly child support payments or marital property, for instance, then you…read more →

What is the State of Arizona Definition of Legal Custody?

David Cantor explains the State of Arizona definition of Legal Custody: Legal custody is a broad phrase that’s intended to define the boundary or jurisdiction by which a subject or object is held. Legal custody is a phrase combined of two terms: “legal” and “custody.” Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S) holds all codifications applied to the state boundaries of Arizona. What’s…read more →

In Arizona, How Long Does a Divorce take?

In this short video David Cantor explains how long a typical divorce in Arizona will take: Plenty of marriages occur in Arizona rivaling the number of divorces and re-marriages in the state. The process of marriage and divorce is rather streamlined in Arizona. Nearly all state assisted services in Arizona require a period of domicile. This means the requester for…read more →

What is Guardian Ad Litem in Arizona?

A guardian ad litem acts on behalf of a child or a disabled adult during a lawsuit or court case. A guardian ad litem is charged with telling a judge what he or she believes is in the best interest of a child and act as a liaison between the parents, the child and other people who take care of…read more →

How to get Custody of a Child in Arizona

David Cantor explains How to get Custody of a Child in Arizona: A question our family law firm gets a lot is “How to get Custody of a Child in Arizona?” Arizona recently changed the way they term ‘Custody‘. They now call custody ‘Parenting Time‘. We’ll still call it custody but will also start to use the new term of…read more →

Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

During a divorce, finances are at stake, so a person may believe that foregoing a lawyer is the best way to save money. This is not necessarily true. An attorney is almost always needed when issues need to dealt with, such as is the case with most divorces. Although some divorces can be worked out in a civil manner without…read more →

What is Community Property in Arizona Divorce Law?

  What is Community Property in Arizona Divorce? David Cantor explains what community property is in this short video: So, What does a Community Property State mean? The State of Arizona is one of 11 states in the United States that are considered community property states. Before you get married, any assets that you have before you get married are…read more →

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