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What are the common types of auto accidents?

Auto accidents can occur in numerous conditions. These accidents can happen because of over speeding on the highway; however, it can also happen on parking and streets. How automobiles bump into other automobiles, thing and even walkers influences the sustained injuries.

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Rear-end accidents:

These are basically traffic accidents that happen when a car collides with the other car from the front. Rear collisions can be instigated by immediate braking or slowing down by the first car, or when the car at the back increase the speed more frequently than the car in the front. Damages to the occupants of the crushed car are mostly bad in condition.

 Side-impact accidents:

Is also known as the T-bone accident, these types of collisions happen when the side of a car is crushed by the rear or front of the other car or a solid thing. The damages of the automobile and the injury of dweller are in quite dangerous in these type collisions. Though, the damage is based on the part that was collided. The passenger of the side where the car was struck is usually injured worse than those who were sitting at the front or rear.

Sideswipe accidents:

These collisions usually occur when the sides of two vehicles touch each other and swipe. If both of the cars are moving on the same path and both the drivers do not lose the control, the cars may sustain only surface damages.

Cars rollover:

The vehicle rollover happens when a car flicks over its top or side. Rollovers are the result of sharp or speedy turns. Every car is at risk of a rollover collision, however sports utility cars are at the higher risks just because they are typically bigger than other cars, and consist of a greater center of gravity. Also, the high-speed racing increases the level of risk and car rollover.

Head-on accidents:

These collisions happen when both the collided cars hit each other from the front. Head-on accidents are usually lethal.

Single car impacts:

In this collision, only a single car is involved. In few cases, a car crashes into the other solid things for example trees, walls, poles and can also hit the pedestrians. Those impacts mostly conclude in damage to the assets or personal injuries.

 ,Multi-vehicle collision:

Are also known as multi-vehicle pile-ups, this collision involves many cars. The multi-vehicle collisions mostly happen on the freeways or highways. These are the fatal type of traffic collisions and a lot of crashed car scrap makes the rescue and escape very tough. If a car catches fire it can be spilled easily to other cars or the area around due to the fuel. The risk of injury to the passengers is high due to the multiple hits. It is very difficult to determine the reason for the collision in multi-vehicle hit case.

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