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Videoconferencing: Changing the Way You Do Family Law Practice

Court reporting companies with videoconferencing services are enabling family law firms to run their practice more efficiently and save money. Technological advances have pushed the boundaries of what was once incomprehensible. Drastic improvements in videoconferencing hardware and software have greatly benefited many family law practices.

The use of videoconferencing tools is becoming more common and accepted in the legal field as time goes on. High-definition video make interviews via video conferencing more practical than in the past due to drastic improvements in image quality. In addition, improved network infrastructure and bandwidth capability means that data transmissions are extremely reliable. There are many good reasons why legal firms are using videoconferencing.

The Advantages of Using a Court Reporting Company

By taking advantage of a court reporting company’s videoconferencing facilities, your family law practice will not have to invest in expensive hardware and software or dedicate an office for videoconference calls.

Using a court reporting company’s online portal can make it possible for you to leverage their videoconferencing capabilities without leaving your office. This can also be a huge benefit for everyone else in your videoconference whether they are witnesses or legal partners.

Taking Depositions

One of the advantages to using videoconferencing for depositions is that you can review the recordings as many times as necessary. Also, by using videoconference transcription software, it’s possible for you to make notes within that deposition. The digital transcription can then be transferred to your family law practice in your choice of file formats. In turn, those digital files can be exported to your firm’s litigation software program. Not only is this process faster than taking notes in shorthand, it’s less likely to introduce errors.

Witness Interviews

It’s well known that witnesses can be a variable link in any case; memories fade, juries might have unfair first impressions — the list of variables goes on and on. Some family law practice attorneys have discovered that, by including videoconferencing in their tool box, they can conquer some of these potential issues.

  • Courtroom simulations. By using videoconferencing for pre-trial interviews, lawyers from your family law practice can get an idea of how that witness may come across to juries and judges.
  • Reviewing pre-trial witness interviews. The ability to review on-camera interviews at your convenience and for however many times is necessary can be an invaluable resource.


A family law practice with multiple offices across the country may find that videoconferencing is not only more cost-effective than meeting in person, but also easier in terms of scheduling. The same is true when meeting with opposing attorneys, clients, and others. In addition to providing meeting rooms and videoconferencing equipment, a court reporting company that offers transcription services can eliminate the need for dedicating one of your staff members for that task.

Many family law attorneys opt to take advantage of videoconferencing facilities and services offered by a court reporting company. More and more, videoconferencing is changing how lawyers with a family law practice do business.

Thanks to our friends at Capital Reporting Company, for their contribution and insight into the benefits of videoconferencing and quality court reporting services.

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