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What Are the 5 Most Prevalent Types of Vehicle Collision Injuries? 

A vehicle collision is unpredicted. Injuries along with fatalities can derive from an automobile accident. In addition to the many ways a person can encounter a vehicle accident, a wide range of injuries can come from them. Car collisions can range from minor to severe, and the worse being a fatality. With the two extremities, different types of injuries can surface.

While there can be a number of different injuries,  there are a few injuries that tend to occur more than most. When a car collision takes place because a driver or other entity displayed negligence or recklessness, the injured party can seek legal action against them. A driver may suffer a debilitating injury like paralysis or even lose their life because of another person’s actions.  When this happens car accident attorneys work around the clock to ensure that they acquire all necessary documentation and evidence to win the case.

It is scary to know that a car collision can happen at any given moment and not only does one have to worry about their own driving skills, but other drivers sharing the same road. Regardless of the severity of the injuries endured during a car crash, it is always important to seek medical assistance.

5 most Common Injuries Deriving From Vehicle Crashes

Various injuries can come from a vehicle crash and they can range from minor to severe, and even fatal. Because injuries can range on such a wide scale, the amount of compensation that an individual would recover differs from case to case. The more injuries and damages, the most s person would recover. Here are the 5 most common types of injuries that tend to surface from vehicle accidents:

Injuries to the neck: The most common type of neck injury from vehicle collisions is known as “whiplash”. This happens when the neck is suddenly moved forward and backward or from side to side. This causes great strain on the neck and can cause more serious repercussions like herniated discs.

Injuries to the back: Sustaining a back injury can be very delicate. An individual can lose partial or complete mobility when enduring a  serious back injury, while a strain to the back might only require supportive care and physical therapy.

Injuries to the head: Like back injuries, head injuries are very grave in nature. An individual can suffer different levels of concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and serious contusions that might require extensive surgery and can leave the individual permanently disabled.

Injuries to the leg and knee: People have the misconception that the upper body sustains the most injuries in vehicle accidents, but it is not true. Major accidents are the cause of injuries to the leg and knee, especially when the car gets smashed into the passenger or driver’s side.

Broken bones: Emergency health care is required when someone suffers a broken bone. Depending on the severity of the broken bone, some of them might require surgery while others simply need a cast. The most severe type of broken bone is known as compound fractures. A compound fracture is when a bone pierces through the skin and sticks out.

Percy Martinez Law Firm Helping to Recover For All Types of Injuries

If a negligent or reckless driver was the reason for sustaining any of the above or other injuries during a vehicle accident, the victim can use the help of the best personal injury lawyers. The firm provides their clients with exceptional customer service and comprehension.

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